Games and Results




FIDE Title: Grand Master

Current Rating: 2555

A former contender for the World Championship, Jon Speelman is best known these days for his column in the Independent. Still, his fearsome intellect and tactical talent make him one of the strongest and most respected players in the country.


FIDE Title: Grand Master

Current Rating: 2512

 Daniel King is perhaps best known for his work presenting chess at big events and on television but is still a strong Grandmaster, as he has shown with his devastating recent form in the 4NCL.

FIDE Title: Grand Master

Current Rating: 2432

 The lowest rated of the male Grandmasters at this event is better known for his writing and internet related work (he runs Garry Kasparov’s Poor health has constrained his playing activities but he still put in a good performance for England last year at the European Team Championship in Bulgaria.

FIDE Title: Woman Grand Master

Current Rating: 2375

Having made great strides forward in recent months, Jovanka is now considered to be one of the leading women players in the world and is well known for her uncompromising, sharp style.