GM Ivan Sokolov wins the 4th Howard Staunton Memorial Tournament

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Staunton Memorial 4th
4th Staunton Memorial 2006 - FIDE Category 11 - Average Rating 2513
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12   Final Scores
Ivan Sokolov GM2652 *===1=111111 9
Jan TimmanGM2594 =*=1111===11 8
Michael AdamsGM2732 ==*==1=11111 
Jan WerleGM2531 =0=*=01111=1 7
Erwin L'AmiGM2586 00==*==1=111 
Peter WellsGM2480 =001=*1011=0 
Jonathan SpeelmanGM2541 00=0=0*=11=1 5
Tea Bosboom LanchavaWGM2389 0=0001=*10=1 
Yge VisserGM2516 0=00=000*111 4
David HowellIM2479 0=0000010*11 
Jonathan LevittGM2431 000=0===00*1 3
Lawrence DayIM2278 00000100000* 1
Clicking on the individual games in the crosstable will open a playable version of the game in a new browser window.

The 4th Staunton Memorial was the strongest all play all Grandmaster tournament to have been held in London since 1986.

Players included UK number one Michael Adams and former world title Candidates Jon Speelman and Jan Timman, not to mention last years winner GM Jon Levitt, GMs Sokolov and Wells as well as Britains young hope David Howell and the colourful former Canadian champion Lawrence Day.

Play commenced at Simpsons in the Strand everyday from August 14-19 after lunch to a finish each day.

August 20 was a free day.

The event then recommenced at Wellington College to coincide with Britains hosting of the prestigious NATO Championships from August 21 to 25 inclusive.

Spectators were welcome.

There was no entry fee and game commentary was provided at both venues by Bob Wade IM OBE

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