6th Howard Staunton Memorial, London, 2008
     123456789101112 =
Michael Adams
 2735 *=11==1=1==1 8
Loek Van Wely
 2644 =*====1=1=11 7
Jan Smeets
 2593 0=*=01=1=111 7
Jan Timman
 2591 0==*===11==1 
Erwin LAmi
 2610 ==1=*=0====1 6
Ivan Sokolov
 2658 ==0==*====11 6
Jonathan Speelman
 2524 00==1=*====1 
Nigel Short
 2655 ==00===*==11 
Jan Werle
 2591 00=0====*111 
Peter Wells
 2526 ==0=====0*=1 5
Alexander Cherniaev
 2431 =00==0=00=*1 
Robert Wade
 2167 00000000000* 0

Michael Adams wins the Staunton Memorial Tournament 2008

The Sixth Annual Staunton Memorial is stronger than last years and is the strongest event to be held in the UK since 1986.

Venue is Simpsons in the Strand with the opening round on August 7, one rest day August 13  and the final round and prize giving on August 18.

This year's list of invited players are:

GM Michael Adams
GM Jan Timman
GM Ivan Sokolov
GM Jon Speelman
GM Jan Smeets
GM Jan Werle
GM Peter Wells
GM Loek Van Wely
GM Erwin L'ami
Bob Wade OBE
GM Alexander Cherniaev
GM Nigel Short

Play begins in the afternoons starting 14-00 hours. The last round will commence at noon.

The arbiter for the tournament is Dr Eric Schiller.

The Staunton society exists to perpetuate the name of Howard Staunton , Britain's only ever claimant to be world chess champion, and to promote uk chess and in particular give young british players the prospects for gm norms and titles. There is no charge for watching the games and we intend to have them displayed during play in the main upstairs bar at Simpsons.

The hotel housing the players this year will be the Euro Lodge Hotel

The sponsor as last year is Dutch chess maecenas Jan Mol. With special thanks to IM Malcolm Pein and Anne Marie Nuss.

The event is organised by Ray Keene OBE, Barry Martin and Clive and Sue Davey of the Staunton society. The programme has been compiled by Eddie Penn, Steve Giddins as last year will be assisting with PR and IT and Alexander Meynell, the grandson of Lord Killearn, one time top board for the House of Lords chess team, is also on the assisting staff. The website will see regular updates and games from our webperson Tinni.